Our Approach to Social Media

Rank 1st offers social media management to clients. Our services focus on fostering higher levels of engagement, channeling the most relevant content to the most receptive audiences and constructing precision targeted display ads.

Our approach is specialized to achieve three outcomes: 1) increase our client’s presence in the social realm by improving brand recognition, customer loyalty and lead generation 2) complement SEM campaigns by tapping alternative sources of traffic 3) exhibit customizable, cost-efficient PPC ads to interested parties.

Our Methods

We address these goals by monitoring and analyzing data to formulate a programmatic approach to social media marketing. The data we uncover is used to:

  • Grow audiences by increasing social connections
  • Disseminate content to the most receptive viewers
  • Improve reputation by establishing a helpful, informative presence
  • Track user engagement to uncover future opportunities
  • Improve SEO authority by increasing mentions and interactions
  • Target specific audiences for cost-efficient, high-converting display ads

Our Results

It is not our goal to get your company likes and followers; that’s just one small part of a successful campaign. It is our goal to build relationships and attract organic leads that translate into increased web traffic and revenue.

We focus on achieving the follow results:

  • Leveraging social authority for your website
  • Expanding the reach of your content
  • Funneling quality traffic to your landing pages

The achievements we seek are more than numbers that mean nothing to your bottom line. Our social media efforts concentrate on inspiring significant growth to critical metrics, like web traffic, leads and revenue. As with everything else we do, we use social media as an opportunity to make a difference where it matters most.