LowestRates.ca (lowestrates.ca) is a Toronto-based business, established in 2012. Through its website, LowestRates.ca offers a free independent comparison service for a multitude of financial queries. From mortgages to auto insurance to credit cards, the site allows visitors to instantly compare rates offered by Canada’s most trusted financial institutions.

The mission of LowestRates.ca is to simplify the process involved in making important financial decisions, and ultimately, to help people save money.

The Initiation of Growth

By 2013, LowestRates.ca had grown in many ways. It had developed a positive reputation and perfected the services it offers. But LowestRates.ca was struggling to expand its reach through traditional paid advertisements, and the company was being limited by the number of visitors its website attracted each month.

Increase to organic traffic in six months

Increase to organic traffic in six months

Increase to organic traffic in six months

To overcome this obstacle to its growth, LowestRates.ca partnered with Rank 1st in an effort to buoy the flow of organic traffic leading to its site. Together, the companies articulated a strategic vision that focused on making lowestrates.ca and lowestrates.com more visible in the online sphere. This initiative sought to:

  • Improve the strength of LowestRates.ca's online presence
  • Drive organic traffic through search results
  • Foment growth and increase web conversions

The competitiveness of the industry inhabited by LowestRates.ca presented a significant initial challenge to realizing these goals. Relevant keyword searches turned up major competitors that LowestRates.ca could not overthrow simply by outspending.
To overcome this challenge, Rank 1st conducted an audit of the LowestRates.ca domains. The information yielded by this task provided the focal points for improvement and optimization.
In addition to discovering opportunities for technical upgrades to the websites, Rank 1st focused on developing strong, authoritative content that would enhance search performance and user-experience. The influx of content bolstered the quality of LowestRates.ca's domains, and offered a plethora of new opportunities to acquire valuable links. The consistent production of content also encouraged visitors to use the domain as a resource for answering finance questions, rather than as a tool exclusively for rate comparison.

The Outcome

By 2015, LowestRates.ca had seen a prodigious increase of 1754 percent to its gross net sales. The spike in profit was a direct result of the massive jump in organic traffic that the LowestRates.ca domains were experiencing. So dramatic was this improvement that LowestRates.ca now, on average, attracts the same number of visitors to its sites each day as it did over the course of a full month, prior to its association with Rank 1st.

Rank 1st was able to spur this development by conducting in-depth keyword research that put the LowestRates.ca websites in front of a receptive audience that was eager to engage with its content.

As a result, lowestrates.ca and lowestrates.com now rank on Google's first page for over 100 pertinent search terms, a 90 percent increase from 2013.

Rank 1st and LowestRates.ca were able to:

  • Generate a 1754% growth to gross net sales over a two year period
  • Reach Google’s first page for over 100 competitive keyword searches
  • Improve organic web traffic by over 3000%

Moving Forward

LowestRates.ca now operates from an advantageous position within the major search engines. It ranks near the top for nearly every keyword search related to its services and continues to attract scores of visitors every day.

Rank 1st continues to work alongside LowestRates.ca, pursuing the business’ expanding goals. The partnership expects to achieve further triumphs in the coming years and is focused on building upon its many recent successes.

Rank 1st is proud to be working with a company dedicated to helping Canadians save money and simplify stressful processes.