Insurance Hunter

Insurance Hunter

Insurance Hunter (insurancehunter.ca) is an insurance rates comparison website that offers visitors quotes for auto, home and travel insurance. It uses proprietary tools to find the best rates for each type of coverage so users get what they need at the lowest available cost. The site also includes a blog that provides information about insurance and personal finance to help educate visitors, and to show them how to save money beyond comparing insurance policies.

The Initiation of Growth

By late 2016, Insurance Hunter had established itself as a player in the online brokerage industry. The company’s website was winning the search for branded terms and was displaying on the second and third pages for some related industry keywords.

But while these early successes had made insurancehunter.ca a profitable asset to the business, growth had begun to stagnate. Revenue generating landing pages were struggling to advance up the rankings ladder, and the site’s blog section was garnering limited attention.

In order to turn its website from valuable to invaluable, Insurance Hunter enlisted the guidance of Rank 1st. Together, the partners formulated a new approach to search traffic that focused on bolstering overall site authority and targeting peripheral keywords that offered conversion potential without facing the highest level of competition.

Increase in gross sales

Keywords ranked

Increase in web-traffic

Once Rank 1st and Insurance Hunter had established a set of goals, Rank 1st began to implement the new strategy. The focal point of the approach was to cast a wider net to encompass additional keywords, and to acquire more organic users for core pages. This focus centred around a handful of key objectives:.

  • Increase visitors from organic search
  • Use targeted content to attract visitors from an array of search queries
  • Augment lead acquisition to generate revenue

The major challenge facing Insurance Hunter was the competitive nature of the industry. Several well established websites anchored results on the first page for important search terms, blockading the newer players from reaching even ground.

In order to overcome that blockade, Rank 1st performed in-depth analysis on the Insurance Hunter domain, and analyzed potential opportunities the site could focus on. After conducting extensive research to identify areas of growth, Rank 1st was ready to execute the strategy.

Initiatives were launched to optimize the site’s back end, and to create new content that was attractive to humans and search engines alike. Using data gleaned from extensive research, Rank 1st provided new content that would rank, attract links from authoritative domains and funnel users to the website’s quote generator.