188 Bet

188BET (188bet.com), established in 2006, is an online gaming organization that offers gamblers a wide variety of wagering options. The site offers one of the largest selections of slot games on the web, provides both traditional and live casino options to visitors, and is frequently citing by lists compiling the best online sportsbooks.

The mission of 188Bet is to provide the optimal online entertainment experience. The company strives to provide competitive odds, a wide variety of markets and products, a simplified deposit/withdraw process and outstanding customer service.

The Initiation of Growth

188Bet has long established itself as a premiere gaming site in Asia, and has made strong inroads to the United Kingdom. But the company is seeking further growth, and has ambitions of reaching new online audiences in additional countries.


Increase in search visibility


Keywords ranked on 1st page


Increase in organic traffic

In 2014, 188Bet decided to pursue these goals by launching a major rebranding initiative. The company also decided to rebuild its website. In order to better navigate this tumultuous course, 188Bet teamed up with Rank 1st. Together, the companies devised a plan to:

  • Ensure 188Bet’s rebranding efforts improved the company’s online presence
  • Create a website that offered a superior better user experience
  • Appeal to new markets and increase 188Bet’s customer base
  • Increase the SEO authority of its domains
  • Develop an effective paid ad campaign to augment 188bet.com’s search presence

In order to help 188Bet pursue these initiatives, Rank 1st conducted a characteristically thorough audit of the main 188bet.com and 188bet.co.uk domains. The examination revealed coding and content practices that are inconsistent with Google’s expectations. The audit further inspired Rank 1st to develop a multidomain web ecosystem for 188Bet, that would significantly improve the reach of its brand.

One of the major issues facing 188Bet’s online expansion was the diversity of language between the countries in which it sought to establish a firmer presence. To overcome this challenge, Rank 1st provided guidance on multi-lingual properties in Southeast Asia, the U.K and Europe.

Rank 1st also made paid advertising a focal point of 188Bet’s expansion strategy, creating a campaign inclusive of multiple search engines and social networks.

The Outcome

The partnership between 188Bet and Rank 1st has yielded tremendous results for the gaming provider. As a result of the SEO campaigns handled by Rank 1st, 188Bet branded websites now rank on the first page of Google for over 1000 relevant keyword search terms.

The visibility of 188Bet’s main domains has grown even more substantially, thanks in part to the paid ad campaigns designed by Rank 1st. The campaigns remain in use, and effective, even in 2016, two years after development.

Collectively, the assistance Rank 1st provided to improve site usability, SEO authority, language flexibility, paid ads and search visibility, has resulted in a considerable increase to 188Bet’s web traffic.

Rank 1st and 188Bet were able to:

  • Make major domains 10x more visible in search results
  • Get 188Bet’s landing pages ranked on Google’s first page for over 1000 relevant keyword searches
  • Successfully navigate a major rebranding initiative
  • Work through a complete website overhaul
  • Navigate multi-lingual challenges in various markets
  • Build out a successful social and paid search growth initiative
  • Improve organic traffic by over 300%

Moving Forward

Though 188Bet has seen dramatic increases to the value of its website, the company seeks to further improve user experience and growth.

Rank 1st continues to work with 188Bet in pursuit of these goals, and hopes to achieve even greater successes in the near future.

Rank 1st is pleased to have teamed with one of the most user-friendly and enjoyable gaming website on the web, and is proud to have introduced the 188Bet to thousands of new users.