Case Studies

HUB SmartCoverage

HUB SmartCoverage (HUB smartcoverage.ca) is an online insurance broker that serves clients in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. The company maintains partnerships with some of the top insurance providers in Canada, allowing them to offer competitive home, auto and travel insurance quotes. In addition to providing quotes, the website shares information about various insurance related matters, and offers advice for filing claims.
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Insurance Hunter

Insurance Hunter (insurancehunter.ca) is an insurance rates comparison website that offers visitors quotes for auto, home and travel insurance. It uses proprietary tools to find the best rates for each type of coverage so users get what they need at the lowest available cost. The site also includes a blog that provides information about insurance and personal finance to help educate visitors, and to show them how to save money beyond comparing insurance policies.
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188BET (188bet.com), established in 2006, is an online gaming organization that offers gamblers a wide variety of wagering options. The site is frequently cited on lists offers one of the largest selections of slot games on the web, provides both traditional and live casino options to visitors, and is frequented citing by lists compiling the best online sportsbooks.
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LowestRates.ca (lowestrates.ca) is a Toronto-based business, established in 2012. Through its website, LowestRates.ca offers a free independent comparison service for a multitude of financial queries. From mortgages to auto insurance to credit cards, the site allows visitors to instantly compare rates offered by Canada’s most trusted financial institutions.
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