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A pile of hashtags. By Vicki May 11, 2018

How hashtags on social media support SEO

In this day and age, social media reigns supreme. So it’s no wonder that businesses of all sorts, large and small, are looking towards Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to help grow their brand...
User Experience written out with a marker By Max January 2, 2018

How user experience matters for your business

There is no single factor that can ensure business success. Building a successful enterprise requires entrepreneurs and employees to balance all sorts of different threads that come together to form...
iPad with sweet analytics By Max December 8, 2017

5 benefits of using Google Analytics for your website

Everyone loves free stuff. No matter how sub-par a free item ends up being, you can always hang your hat on the fact that you gave up absolutely nothing to attain it. Unless its the rare piece of...
Interstate 280 to Silicon Valley By Max November 14, 2017

How Twitter's expansion to 280 characters can benefit marketers

"O brave new world, That has such tweets in it!" - MeYou may have heard that Twitter recently expanded its character limit to 280. In case that melodramatic epigraph wasn't...
Digital server By Max September 28, 2017

Are some hosting services better for SEO than others?

Recently on Rank 1st we asked and answered the question, "Are some website building methods better for SEO than others?" This took us down a rabbit hole that highlighted on-site SEO...
Gears representing the intersection of CMS, WordPress, and SEO By Max September 7, 2017

Are some website building methods better for SEO than others?

SEO can feel a little nebulous sometimes. The pure breadth of potential ranking factors at play, combined with the semi-secrecy of search engine preferences, occasionally makes the SEO process a bit...
Lots of Facebook-esque thumbs By Max August 9, 2017

Using Facebook to Empower Content Sharing and SEO

 Thirteen-and-a-half years in, the Facebook experiment has produced some wild results. Prior to its launch in 2004, few would have bet on a social network—a title shared by worn-out...
Woman holds a movie camera By Max June 26, 2017

SEO: The Movie is an Informative, Authentic Documentary Worth Searching For

The most natural way for people to perceive of search engine optimization (SEO) is as an objective. Just as athletes and actresses can achieve for 'peak performance,' SEO inherently suggests...
Search bubble above a woman's face By Max June 15, 2017

Learning the Basics of Bing and Yahoo

In the world of search engines, it's easy to overlook the little guys. Google occupies such a monolithic spot atop the rankings that most people consider 'Googling' to be more or less...