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May 2017

  • Webmaster makes simple SEO changes from her laptop

    10 Simplest Things You Can Do to Improve SEO

    Carrying out SEO at the highest level will require a fair amount of technical know-how. It is a job that demands a healthy combination of coding savvy and general computer science acuity. That's what it takes to rise to the top.But those prerequisites are far from necessary for making all types of SEO improvements.That's right, a good chunk of SEO methodology is actually based around... >

  • Shopping online while still being in a physical store

    The Retail Decline is Highlighting the Importance of Digital Marketing

    It's no secret that retail is in a bad place right now. The decline of location-based shopping has gotten a hefty dose of media coverage, most of it (justifiably) pessimistic. "Is American Retail at a Tipping Point?" asked The New York Times last month. "What If Retail Traffic Declines Last Forever?" posed Forbes weeks earlier. A few years ago it might have all seemed... >