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April 2017

  • Woman running her small business, a coffee shop

    Why SEO is Great For Small Businesses

    It's 2017. Everyone who's anyone in the world of business has cultivated some sort of online presence (okay, maybe not that legendary neighbourhood butcher/florist/hairdresser/etc. who's been around for 40 years and has the unceasing loyalty of an entire community, but certainly everyone else). Being out there on the web is about as close as you can get to identifying a prerequisite... >

  • A diagram outlining the linking structure of a website.

    It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts: The Value of Internal Linking

    Link-building is oft classified as one of the most important aspects of SEO. Consistent targets from smallish sites can buoy a domain in a big way, local links can be huge for local search and landing a link from a high-authority site can be game-changing.The focus on link-building is well deserved, but the focus too often starts and stops with external links. It’s unfair to say external... >

  • Making the leap

    Making the Leap From Generating Traffic to Generating Leads

    Generating web traffic is great. In fact, for a lot of businesses, it's essential. But traffic alone won't represent the difference between success and failure. What will determine that difference is how many of those visitors become leads, and eventually, conversions.One step at a time though. Today's focus is on leads and how they can emerge from the morass of general traffic. It... >

  • Content is king

    Why Content is Key for Your Business

    It's understandable that a business owner might hear about the idea of content marketing and get a little bit cynical."How the heck are these blog posts and podcasts and whosit-whatsits supposed to help me sell [insert product here]?""I've been doing this for 30 years and never needed no webinar before.""SEO? Is that some REO Speedwagon cover band or something?... >

  • Sped up movement

    Lingo Explanation: Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Whether you were aware of it at the time or not, you've probably engaged with quite a few Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on your phone. Over a relatively short period of time, they've become an increasingly prominent part of of our mobile content-viewing experience.It's easy to spot the difference between an AMP and an ordinary page. The simple grey AMP writing and lightning bolt icon... >