Take the top bunk

Get to the top of the search engine, but don’t stop there. Rank first everywhere. Become the online authority in your industry; attract more clients with a fully optimized website; acquire targeted leads with a strong social presence; bolster revenue with a high-converting PPC campaign; grow your business by reaching a larger audience; establish a stronger web presence and generate more sales.

This is what the experts at Rank 1st help you to achieve. Our holistic approach to inbound marketing is formulated to uncover hidden value that will take your website to another level.

Starting with our in-depth SEO site audits, we examine every element that impacts the performance of a website. We check out the competition and search for key areas of improvement. We identify the obstacles that need to be circumvented, and the avenues that will lead to success. We assess where you are and comprehend how to get you to the place you want to be.

The knowledge we gain from going deeper enables Rank 1st to craft programmatic strategies tailored specifically to every client we work with. We never employ a one size fits all template that does not perfectly fit your needs. Instead, we put the focus on you – your business, your website and your expectations.

Whether that means driving organic traffic to your website by implementing SEO improvements, boosting conversion rates by optimizing landing pages or gaining leads with a broad SEM initiative, the Rank 1st mission is to let our clients define success, and help them achieve their goals.

Our Services

Rank 1st provides inbound marketing services that greatly improve the visibility of websites. Our approach encompasses the most impactful aspects of online marketing, specializing in the areas of:




Lead Generation

For every service we offer, we adhere to a philosophy of in-depth research, customized campaigns and the pursuit of the goals specified by our clients. Contact us to find out how Rank 1st can help better position your business for online growth.

Meet the team



CEO of the 'Dawgs'

Ace’s primary responsibilities include lying on the floor, keeping the staff happy and putting a smile on everyone’s face! Fun fact: Ace has only four teeth and LOVES going for long walks in the park!
Cliff Ritter

Cliff Ritter

President & SEO

Cliff possesses more than 15 years of inbound marketing experience, boasting an impressive track-record of success across numerous competitive industries, including gaming and finance. As co-founder of LowestRates.ca, Cliff has not only learned, but lived what it takes to drive ROI through SEO & SEM. Cliff is also a very fast runner, scaling the walls of the GTA in pursuit of his two young daughters!
Ahmed Farhan

Ahmed Farhan

Head of Paid Media and eCRM

Ahmed is currently the head of Paid Media and eCRM for Rank 1st. He has had almost a decade of digital marketing experience working as a Marketing Professional and has a passion for helping companies to achieve growth through active and effective marketing strategies. You will find Ahmed hard at work, assisting companies to improve and grow through better advertising and automated email funnels. Outside of the office, he enjoys reading, travel, and has a keen sense of adventure
Craig Amos

Craig Amos

SEO Content Executive

Craig specializes in creating web content strategies that impress readers and search engines alike. He has written professionally since 2010, having created informative articles, web copy and research papers on innumerable topics, spanning finance, travel, sport and...abrasive sandblasting (yep). In addition to these useful skills, Craig has a bevy of worthless abilities, like performing fancy juggling tricks, spinning things on his finger and eating large quantities of pizza in a single sitting.